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  • How to Make Vegan Jalepeño Poppers

    Missing the creamy, spicy taste of Jalepeño Poppers? Have no fear! Learn how to make vegan Jalepeño Poppers with this super easy and quick recipe from Lookbook Cookbook!

    Before becoming vegan, my absolute favorite appetizer was a plate of steaming hot Jalepeño Poppers. I loved and craved the cheesy taste mixed with the spicy hot jalepeño pepper, and it was a staple food at every New Years Eve, Christmas appie night, and birthday. A whole box could disappear within an hour if it were up to me. You can imagine my devastation when I became vegan and I realized I would no longer be able to lose myself in mouth-watering cream cheese and jalepeño bliss.

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  • I Thought Nick Carter Was a Meme and Accidentally Won Tickets to His Show

    I don’t know what’s worse: the fact I accidentally won Nick Carter tickets, or the fact I couldn’t even give them away.

    Oh, Nick Carter. Just decades ago you were a member of the hottest boy band on the face of the Earth, performing to sold out shows of teenage girls screaming your name. Your boyish good looks had the power to make your millions of fans buckle at their knees as they kissed your glossy poster-papered face alone in their bedrooms. But in 2016, your solo nightclub concert tour would be mistaken for an ironic meme by me. That was then, and this is now.

    The future isn’t always bright.

    It all began on a cool November morning. I was a duvet burrito, scrolling through social media in bed before school. Procrastination at its finest (and also a daily routine for me). An expert and thoroughly experienced meme curator, my thumb glided across the glass phone screen. Seen it, seen it, click like, seen it, another high school classmate is pregnant??, seen it, seen it, I thought to myself as scrolled through my timeline. But then – aha![…]

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  • Donald Trump and the Wall Halloween Costume!

    This year, my friends and I went as Donald Trump and The Wall for Halloween. It was yuge. We did it Big League. We were determined to “Make Halloween Lit Again”, and as far as I’m concerned, we accomplished that goal. Our Donald Trump and The Wall Halloween costume was easily the funniest, wildest, most tremendous costume I have ever worn. And honestly? Getting into character and playing Trump that night was a blast. We did all we could to keep from laughing our guts out while we interacted with strangers. We received countless compliments on our ensemble as people stopped us left, right, and center to take pictures with us. Our favorite poses included walling people in, pouting our lips into the classic Trump duckface, and hovering my baby hand towards the area near our new friends’ crotches. I did my best impression and made sure to slip in all of my favourite quotes into our mock debates and conversations with other Halloweeners.

    Donald Trump and the Wall Halloween Costume

    Some may wonder, while my counterparts were using Halloween to dress up as cute and as sexy as possible, why on earth would a 20-year-old girl like me choose to spend her Halloween night in a wool suit dressed as an orange 70-year-old man?[…]